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Helping you paddle up fit creek!

Have you been wanting to get healthier, and just don't know where to start? Have you started and stopped on your fitness journey over and over because of frustration or lack of results? Do you need a gentle push to keep you going?

I'm here to help! Whether it's finding the right amount of calories and macronutrients for you, suggestions for what to eat to meet those goals, developing a new workout plan, or adjusting what you've been doing to create more progress, I've got your back! No restrictive fad diets, no insane body building, super athlete workouts. I can help tailor a plan to your individual needs and goals. I'll give you the road map and be your guide along the way.   No intimidation, no judgement, just motivation and tools to help you be your best you! You DESERVE health and happiness...why wait for tomorrow when you can start TODAY?




Initial Plan Setups

You can choose either a nutrition only setup, or nutrition and exercise plan setup! Before starting a monthly discounted plan or monthly nutrition only plan, an initial setup plan must be purchased (includes 4 weeks of weekly followups from me for adjustments, suggestions, or changes to help you reach your goals!)


Monthly Nutrition

After your initial four week setup is complete, you can sign up for the monthly nutrition plan for continued support from me! I'm here to help guide you through with portion suggestions, food choices or replacements, and some of my favorite go-to food and recipes if you need more guidance!


Monthly Total Plans

After your initial four week setup is complete, I have discounted monthly prices so we can continue the journey together. Don't like an exercise? Let's talk about alternatives! Need some more nutritional ideas? I can offer suggestions! We can adjust and update your plan as we go and as you progress!




After having a new baby, I wanted to get into better shape and improve my overall health. I was stuck at home with the COVID shutdown and I reached out to Sarah for help. Sarah gathered all of my info and created a personalized exercise and meal plan. The plan was catered to my specific goals and what equipment I have. It was very easy to follow. Sarah would have weekly check-ins and would answer any of my questions at any time. She would make modifications to my exercise routine as I progressed. I really liked the freedom of the plan because it is like having a trainer without having scheduled appointments and high cost. Having Sarah as my personal trainer really kept me accountable and it helped me stay on track. The nutrition plan has been a healthy lifestyle change not a fad diet. It has taught me a lot. I eat a lot of good, healthy food. I just have to be conscious of what I’m eating. My wife and I have been doing weekly meal preps. Sarah has given us a lot of creative ideas. I’m 6’5” and I weighed 266lbs when I started. After about 3 months, I am down to 234lbs. My goal is to be 220lbs and I’m still working at it. Overall, I feel much better and have a lot more energy. Thank you Sarah!!

Sean D.

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